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Liu Jo Living coffee tables:

'These tables draw inspiration from the rich origins and history of the global daily ritual of coffee'

Liu Jo Living presents a captivating collection of three coffee tables designed by Simone Cagnazzo, celebrating Italian allure and tradition. Infused with the essence of Made in Italy, these tables draw inspiration from the rich origins and history of the global daily ritual of coffee.

The act of sipping coffee, a simple yet symbolic daily routine, creates a universal connection that transcends cultural boundaries. Liu Jo Living recognizes the intimacy embedded in this shared experience, emphasizing its ties to the spaces where this cherished habit unfolds: our homes.

One standout creation is the Caillou Coffee Table, a manifestation of comfort in a living area where shapes, geometries, and colors converge. Reflecting the interplay of glass and precious metals, this piece mirrors the infinite hues of moments devoted to relaxation. The Caillou Wood Coffee Table, in warm tones, evokes the Orient with rounded profiles and irregular organic shapes in natural wood, offering a delicate return to the essential.

The Clip side table adds contemporary charm as a solid, functional, and sculptural object, defining the character of a living room with easy chic aspirations. Versatile and asymmetrical, it effortlessly complements sofas or serves as bedside support.

Warmover coffee tables redefine design when the coffee break transforms into a rejuvenating moment, paired seamlessly with the eponymous seating system. These tables embody solidity and comfort for both individual and collective contemporary spaces.

In a nod to classic living rooms, the Linear Shore Coffee Table by Giuseppe ViganĂ² draws inspiration from fashion and jewelry. The glass top, adorned with a digital print insert featuring a contrasting textural effect, is supported by a unique foot reminiscent of a modernized safety pin.

The Liu Jo Living collection of Coffee Tables, versatile and stylish, seamlessly transforms spaces into havens of relaxation and camaraderie. Embracing a total look philosophy, Liu Jo Living envisions these objects as integral elements that harmonize with architectural nuances and reflect the freedom of individual style within the home.

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