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Despite interest from 12 buyers, it was unsuccessful: Noteborn has gone bankrupt

Just before Christmas, it was announced that the Noteborn Furniture Factory in Heerlen had been declared bankrupt. 55 employees were left fearing for their jobs. Trustee Rob Lemmens indicated that he was in discussions with "multiple parties" about a possible relaunch. That chance was certainly there. However, by the end of January, Lemmens had bad news: 'There will be no relaunch.'

Noteborn primarily focused on wall cabinets, drawer chests, walk-in closets, and dressers.

He reports the following on the website:

Dear Sir/Madam,
By judgment of the Limburg court, located in Maastricht, on December 19, 2023, the preliminary suspension of payment granted on December 15, 2023 was withdrawn and the bankruptcy of Noteborn B.V., located in Heerlen on Heliumstraat 1 (6422 PK), was declared with the appointment of Mr. Drs. Rob Lemmens as bankruptcy trustee.

Since the date of bankruptcy, intensive efforts have been made to find possibilities for a relaunch. Discussions have taken place with 12 potential buyers, information has been shared and the questions of potential buyers have been answered. Despite the great interest of potential buyers and all the efforts of everyone involved at Noteborn, unfortunately it did not work out. There will be no relaunch.

Production has now been halted. The last trucks with ready orders are being loaded today. The last official working day for the staff is January 31. The factory will then also close definitively on January 31 and will be dismantled thereafter. This also applies to the IT infrastructure and other systems. The machines, stocks and other business assets will be sold, either through auction or otherwise. The factory building will then be cleared.

In the relatively short period that I have been involved as administrator and trustee with Noteborn, I have come to know Noteborn as a beautiful company, with beautiful products and a close-knit team of motivated and good people. It is regrettable that it ends this way.

The correspondence address of the trustee is: [email protected]

With kind regards,
Mr. Drs. Rob Lemmens


Noteborn is a subsidiary of the German company Vivonio Furniture GmbH. The furniture manufacturer is primarily focused on wall cabinets, drawer chests, walk-in closets, and dressers. The custom furniture producer designed an extensive collection of basic elements, styles, and shapes, while the dimensions, materials, and handles could be chosen. Finally, the cabinet was installed at home by fitters. They took care of the entire process from start to finish. Something that the customer appreciates. Unfortunately, the company could not overcome its financial difficulties.

More information:
Noteborn Furniture Factory
Heliumstraat 1
6422PK Heerlen

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