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Challenges and revolutions for the Vibia team in 2024

As we enter 2024, Vibia, like all companies, faces numerous new challenges that will shape our success over the coming year. From integrating new digital tools to reaching new markets, the team needs to navigate a number of key challenges in order to continue to thrive as a business. The company asked members of the team from various areas what they consider to be their biggest professional challenges for 2024, how they plan to overcome them, and whether they have any tips for others. A number of cross-functional challenges emerged.

Digital transformation is an ongoing process and technological innovation will continue to reshape Vibia for decades to come. One of the key challenges highlighted by collaborators was enabling the dynamic use of data across different areas, as well as a desire for deeper knowledge around digital management tools.

Contributing to company growth and development emerged as a key objective for a number of individuals in 2024. This year, Vibia will launch a new general catalogue integrating numerous lighting effects and new collections. As well as stabilising existing processes, the team suggested the need to prepare the company’s foundations for scaling up, leveraging innovative platforms, and establishing strategic partnerships that help Vibia stand out.

When employees thrive, business thrives. Employee well-being improves job satisfaction, mental health, and work-life balance, but it can also lead to greater productivity and a culture that attracts and retains top talent. One of the key challenges that emerged for Vibia in 2024 was to support the team and contribute to Vibia being “the place to be”.

One of the most common challenges for Vibia in 2024 was learning to adapt to change through professional development. Whether it’s a new role, a change of department or an unexpected professional challenge, the ability to cope with change can decrease stress, increase productivity and lead to exciting new opportunities.

Communicating Vibia’s evolution as a company is predicted to be a key challenge for the team this year. Vibia has evolved its offering beyond products, elevating interior design as fundamental to designing atmospheres of well-being. The team has been working on the launch of a layer of services, which will be key in the development and evolution of the company.

The company portfolio has evolved to incorporate a holistic range of products. This new offering will require a great deal of coordination and collaboration between the company’s internal team and the project’s eco-system of professionals.

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