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Fluctuations in Scandinavian prefabricated wooden house trade

In the realm of the global timber industry, recent data from the Norwegian Bureau of Statistics sheds light on notable shifts in the export and import of prefabricated wooden houses. The statistics, covering the period from January to October 2023, reveal intriguing dynamics within this sector.

Photo © Natalie Shmeleva |

Export trends: a 2% decline
The total export of prefabricated wooden houses during the specified timeframe experienced a marginal 2% decrease, amounting to SEK 645 million in comparison to the same period in 2022. This overall decline, however, conceals diverse trends at the national level.

Export to Norway and Finland saw respective drops of 9% and 3%, indicating a subdued demand in these markets. In stark contrast, the export to Germany exhibited a robust surge, registering a notable 16% increase during the same period.

Import landscape
Conversely, the total import of wooden houses observed a more substantial decline, contracting by 30% to 975 million Swedish kronor. Delving deeper into the import dynamics reveals intriguing variations based on the country of origin.

The import of wooden houses from Estonia and Norway witnessed substantial downturns of 40% and 67%, respectively. This suggests a reduced flow of prefabricated wooden houses from these nations to Sweden during the specified timeframe. In contrast, the import from Lithuania demonstrated resilience, experiencing a marginal uptick of 1%.


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