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The latest trends unveiled at Maison et Objet and Paris Deco Off

Maison et Objet and Paris Deco Off 2024 showcased the newest collections from premier brands. The annual events, celebrated for introducing fresh decor and furniture launches, injected vibrancy into the city, providing a glimpse into the exciting design trends that will shape the year ahead.

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These are the standout trends identified by Livingetc during the inspiring design showcases:

1. Woven gold - Luxurious textiles take centre stage
Tai Ping, in collaboration with fine artist Yolande Milan Batteau of Callidus Guild, unveiled rugs and carpets featuring woven gold. The two-year project resulted in a mix of rust and silver-coloured backings providing a luxurious base for the intricately woven gold. This represents a move beyond the minimaluxe trend of the previous year, introducing an extra layer of opulence to interior aesthetics.

2. Camo green - Subtle shifts in colour trends
Green continues to be a dominant colour trend in 2024, with camo green making a subtle shift from the previous year's sages and pistachios.

3. Jungle 2.0 - Reimagining nature in interior design
Little Greene introduces a captivating jungle theme, a modern interpretation of the banana leaf print from a decade ago. The Capricorn wallpaper transforms urban spaces into lush wonderlands. The vibrant colours, including hints of pinks, blues, and yellows, harmonise perfectly with the prevalent camo green trend.

4. 3D Fabrics - Elevating tactility in interior decor
3D fabrics featuring intricate stitched detailing and beading add a tactile dimension to interior decor. The handmade vibe of these fabrics enhances the sensory experience, offering a sense of comfort and cosiness.

5. Small stripes - Playful patterns for a joyful home
British designer Kit Kemp's collaboration with GP&J Baker introduces a riot of new prints, wallpapers, and linens, characterised by a joyful and childlike colour palette. One standout element is the use of small stripes as a repeat pattern, providing a liveable and non-intimidating way to introduce bold patterns into a home. This approach promises to uplift without overwhelming, seamlessly complementing various design elements.


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