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'Switzerland, the Netherlands and Italy above average'

The bathroom furniture market has shown resilience over the past three years

Despite challenges such as the impacts of Covid-19, war, high inflation, and material shortages, the bathroom furniture market in Europe has shown resilience over the past three years. According to a study by Titze, a Rhineland-based management consultancy, the market's robust performance is attributed less to new construction downturns and more to the ongoing modernisation and renovation of bathrooms.

The data for 2023, particularly from the first nine months, reveals notable trends. Three countries experienced an increase in sales, one remained stable, while six faced a decline in domestic market supply. Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Italy stood out with above-average performance, according to Winfried Titze, a management consultant. Sales in Belgium remained steady, while Germany, Austria, the UK, France, Spain, and Poland saw a tendency towards declining market supply. Despite the varied performance across countries, the overall market resilience underscores the enduring demand for bathroom furniture, driven by renovation and modernisation efforts.

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Titze presents a more optimistic view of the mood in Germany, suggesting that the current sentiment is more negative than necessary. He highlights a significant backlog in renovation and modernisation projects, indicating potential for positive trends in the future.

Despite varied developments in the bathroom furniture market across the ten countries from 2020 to 2022 due to crises, the trade sector experienced robust demand. Titze notes the global boom in the contract market for bathroom furniture, and consumers benefit from increased price transparency in products, thanks to the continuous growth of online trade. In 2022, bathroom furniture, mirror cabinets, and illuminated mirrors reached a total value of €2.667 billion at ex-factory prices, underlining the resilience and value of the market.

Source: Titze

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