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Wittmann’s Novelties for Spring 2024 are 'sophisticated, extraordinary and elegant'

Sophisticated, extraordinary and elegant: Wittmann’s Novelties Spring 2024 are all about these characteristics. First collaborations with designers Philippe Nigro and Federica Biasi bring forth creations of subtle excellence and stylish comfort. A timeless and versatile classic from Wittmann Workshop is being revived and Sebastian Herkner is adding a perfectly crafted compact armchair version to his dining chair design. Typically for the Austrian manufacturer, the spring 2024 products stand for the combination of distinctive design with craftsmanship, executed in the highest quality.

Even decades down the line, some designs still exert the same contemporary allure that they did when they first appeared. Atrium, a Wittmann Workshop masterpiece created back in 1971, is one of those concepts that demonstrates this kind of enduring relevance. Today, both living habits and the (in many cases reduced) amount of room available in urban living spaces tend to call for practical yet distinguished furniture solutions. Reason enough, then, for Wittmann to invite the eminently likeable Atrium back into the limelight. As a modular piece, Atrium can be transformed into a high-quality bed in just a few simple steps.

'Designed in the 1970s as a modular living ensemble based on cubic forms, Atrium is also a perfect stylistic fit for the feel-good concepts of the 21st century: high-quality materials in a sophisticated build-up on the inside combined with a casual, soft and inviting outside,' says Alice Wittmann.

There is scarcely a more relaxing way of sitting than embracing the low-tempo, laid back motion of a swivel chair. Bun not only features the wonderful attribute of a swivel base, it also ties together the skills of designer and manufacturer in a charming and inspirational way. The result is a manifesto for Federica Biasi's design signature and one of Wittmann's most important areas of expertise: the eminently comfortable lounge chair.

Federica Biasi has infused her upholstered Bun with a characteristic yet casual form: understated, but certainly not inconspicuous. A certain laid-back, sporty air makes Bun incredibly inviting, and its balanced proportions lend the lounge chair to virtually any situation.

'The art of simplification is anything but simple,'says Federica Biasi

The club armchair is an exciting category that has a fixed place in the history of furnishing. Today, the club chair is ideally no longer a massive, immovable monument, but adapts to its surroundings in terms of style, volume and function. Philippe Nigro and Wittmann have achieved this with Joseph.

The designer sought a dialogue between the traditional feature of the quilted cover and an inviting, flat surface: the soft, smoothly upholstered seat and backrest are protectively enclosed by an upholstered shaped shell, which also forms the armrests. The grid quilting was created in the style of Secession goldsmith objects and is both decorative and proportional.

'Wittmann is a brand that expresses a degree of poetry while conveying an opulent and austere, yet modern, comfortable and warm aesthetic. Joseph references a certain formal rigour as well as the clean lines that can be found in the brand’s collections and its history,' says Philippe Nigro

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