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5 highlights from Design Miami/ 2023

Design Miami/ 2023 has come to an end. This year's theme, "Where We Stand," celebrated design influenced by place, identity, and heritage. According to Design Miami/ Curatorial Director Anna Carnick: 'The theme is an invitation to consider design objects as anthropological markers that reveal an array of stories about the time and place in which they were made.'

Photo © World Red Eye for Design Miami

Design Miami shares the five highlights from this year’s fair:

1. Gandhara Carapace by Nada Debs & Studio Lél: A special iteration of Debs’ Carapace table, inspired by Peshawar’s vibrant hues and the region’s stone inlay crafts, blending past and present across borders.

2. The Land of Light by FAINA: Handcrafted seating collection using eco-friendly ztista material, symbolizing the Ukrainian spirit and encouraging strength, light, and joy.

3.The Space In-Between by Rive Roshan: A sanctuary installation exploring unity amidst division. Glassworks like Polarity Panels and Voices Vessels evoke shifting perspectives and the energy of Iranian women and allies calling for freedom.

4. 2023 Uncoded by Mac Collins: A narrative-driven games table, stools, and dominoes set, confronting the history of transatlantic slave trade and postcolonial perspectives.

5. iiNtsika zeSizwe by Zizipho Poswa: Large-scale bronze totems honouring women in rural South Africa, celebrating their contributions and the community's collective heritage and generosity of spirit.

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