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An exploration into the visual narratives of space

British design brand Morgan shares their story on how to make a space feel good: 'What makes a space feel good? It’s a principle that guides us in every piece we design. Thinking beyond the curves of a chair or the grain of its wood, we see furniture as part of a bigger story, characters in a visual narrative.'

'So what stories do the most welcoming spaces tell? How do they invite us in, envelop us, and encourage us to stay a while longer than we’d expected? Hospitality interiors demand not only dexterity in design but also a deep understanding of how furniture occupies space and how our bodies move within it. Our experience in this landscape has shown us the ebbs and flows of trends and how changes in our clients – and their clients’ lifestyles have created an exciting and challenging state of flux.'

'Offices, hotels, restaurants, and banks all existed to serve very clear purposes, housing solutions for very clear needs. But shifts in the way we experience the world have encouraged the stories of these spaces to transform, to evolve their narrative.'

'Hotels have outgrown their roles as temporary temples of rest for their guests, now inviting the outside world to work from their lobbies and bars. Offices flourish from purely practical workplaces, to embracing comfort and flexibility, fulfilling the visual, emotional and rational needs of a more nomadic workforce.'

'So it is our role, as furniture designers, to understand this expansion. To support it and embrace the multiplicity of visual tales, encouraging new ways of designing and working with our clients. To imbue the pieces we create, with a bigger purpose,' says the brand.

Daphne McMahon, Sales Director says: 'Our primary objective when working with our clients is to support them in meeting their design needs and challenges. Time and care is taken to understand their vision and ambitions. This partnership allows us to tailor our proposals with clarity and understanding, helping them fulfil briefs in ways that feel personalised to their individual projects.'

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