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Colour scheme trends for 2024

Reflecting on 2023, experts emphasise the profound impact of colour on our emotions and home ambience. Homes & Gardens underlines how colours can shape relaxation, happiness, and positivity within a space.These are the essential lessons for enhancing colour schemes, without the fear of missteps, but still embracing the trends in the upcoming year:

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1. Swap cool tones for warm ones: Bid farewell to cool greys and welcome rich browns, deep reds, dark oranges, and purples into your palette. Light brown emerges as the new neutral, offering depth and interest to your space.

2. Embrace vibrant hues: Bright, cheerful colours are popular for setting positive moods. From classic jewel tones to vibrant yellows reminiscent of sunshine, these colours infuse warmth and uplift your home.

3. Dare with unusual colour pairings: Confidence in unexpected colour combinations is key for the year ahead. Curated pairings inject energy and transform spaces, elevating your decor to new heights.

4. Trial Before committing: Sampling colours before painting is the rule for 2024. Ruth Mottershead, Creative Director at Little Greene, advises testing colours in different lights and considering a room's orientation for the perfect shade.

5. Use paint in unconventional spaces: Experimentation with colour in unexpected areas like ceilings and trims adds drama and personality to your home.

6. Cultivate serenity with blue: Blue, with its versatile spectrum, offers tranquil and nature-inspired vibes. Explore light blues, deep navy hues, and shades with grey undertones for a soothing touch.


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