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Kitchen pot fillers are setting interior design trend

Pot fillers are grabbing the spotlight and setting interior design trends, making special appearances on cooking shows, TV-series and in the houses of celebrities. Bathroom and kitchen brand Graff shares why the kitchen pot filler is so popular.

'A welcome addition to the kitchen, pot fillers make cooking easier and more convenient by allowing the chef to fill a pot while it’s on the stove. They eliminate the need to leave the stove unattended while filling pots of water in the sink, as well as the sometimes challenging task of carrying heavy pots of water from the sink to the stove. Typically wall-mounted above the stove, a pot filler features a faucet with an arm that extends its reach over the stove and can then be folded back and returned to its location on the wall', explains the brand on their website.

'Although pot fillers have traditionally been used in commercial kitchens, they’re also increasingly in demand for home kitchens for the ease they offer whenever cooking requires a large pot of water. They make cooking sizable quantities of pasta, stock, and rice, and dishes like shrimp boil, lobster, and corn on the cob easier. They’re also convenient for filling tea kettles.'

'Besides being incredibly useful, pot fillers can also stylishly harmonize with kitchen interiors in unobtrusively elegant ways and suit a wide selection of styles, from contemporary to traditional and everything in between.'

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