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Shea McGee shares tips for a safe haven at home

Creating a safe, beautiful haven at home is an aspiration for many. In an interview with renowned interior designer Shea McGee, known for her Netflix show Dream Home Makeover and book The Art of Home, Maria Shriver's Sunday Paper unravels the secrets to curating warm and inviting spaces.

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McGee believes that irrespective of space size or budget, everyone can craft a beautiful interior. She reflects on her early home, emphasizing that the root of interior design is establishing a safe, comfortable haven. For her, design principles are universally applicable, aiming to create sanctuaries regardless of space constraints.

Drawing a connection between a home's aesthetic and emotional well-being, McGee underscores the significance of a clean, ordered environment. 'I’m at my happiest, healthiest, most productive self when my environment has some order and beauty to it', she says.

In McGee's perspective, home is a feeling. To evoke this feeling, she advises bringing elements that spark joy when seen, suggesting a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. She encourages collecting items that bring happiness, from greenery to sentimental pieces, advocating for a gradual transformation that aligns with personal contentment.

Read the full interview here.

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