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The Ripple collection is the autumn protagonist from Platek

Ripple, the collection designed by Jan Van Lierde, is the autumn protagonist from Platek for outdoor and indoor use. The Italian lighting company embraces more and more the concept of creating outdoor landscapes according to different languages and different balances between natural elements and man-made light elements. With decorative solutions, they also fit well for indoor lighting.

The Ripple lamp emphasizes the landscape/light fixture relationship and the Belgian designer Jan Van Lierde described it with a poetic accent, as poetic is the product: ‘My nights are crowded with dreams and images; this is why I am amazed by those who say they never dream. I am equally fascinated by what we call a daydream, not so much the one caused perhaps by tiredness that causes our mind to wander towards something different and pleasant, but rather the daydream triggered by some factor, often linked to nature: the ripple of a body of water, the disposition of clouds in the sky, the sound of fire burning in a fireplace. With Ripple I wanted to metaphorically represent this mysterious process starting from the concentric circles generated by a body falling into water. They have a magical power over me, that of taking thoughts away from everyday life.’

Ripple highlights how an outdoor light, which must necessarily be technical, can also have a strong decorative appeal and fit into the landscape, enhancing this aspect: in this specific case, through the reflections of light and shadow on the surrounding surfaces, whether they be the foliage of a hedge, a material wall or floor, or even a piece of furniture.

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