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Exploring five festive trends:

Interior designers' Christmas decor insights for your home

As the holiday season approaches, interior designers are incorporating a blend of classic elements and contemporary trends into their festive decor schemes. Homes & Gardens has compiled insights from experts to offer you a glimpse into this year's top Christmas decor trends.

Photo: Westwing Christmas Collection

Organic elements
Interior designer Marie Flanigan finds inspiration in nature, advocating for the infusion of organic elements like dried citrus fruits into Christmas decor. This simple addition enlivens the traditional decor with a pop of colour.

Taper candles
Bethany Adams suggests an inventive way to adorn a Victorian mantle. Her idea involves arranging an assortment of cone-shaped taper candles in various colours and sizes amidst boxwood greenery as a new take on the traditional advent wreath.

Jewel tones
Emily Henderson, an influential interior designer known for her style expertise, is leaning toward jewel-toned colour schemes for a distinctive look this Christmas. Departing from the usual reds and greens, she advocates for incorporating rich blues, greens, mustards, and burgundies into the decor palette.

Scandinavian rustic
Kathy Kuo, an esteemed interior designer, notes the resurgence of the timeless Scandi-inspired Christmas decor. Emphasizing light wood candleholders, organic wreaths, and traditional Nordic folk art motifs, Kuo suggests a simple yet elegant approach to seasonal decorations.

Quiet Luxury
Chrissie Rucker, founder of The White Company, advocates for a quiet luxury approach to holiday decor. Her vision involves warm colour schemes, an abundance of candlelight, and seasonal greenery.

Whether you opt for natural elements, colourful accents, rustic simplicity, or luxurious warmth, these ideas can inspire a transformation of your home during the festive season.


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