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Biophilic design turns our gaze to the centrality of the person

Biophilic design creates natural experiences that physically, emotionally and cognitively connect humans to nature. The aim is to promote people's well-being by observing how humans feel within a space and integrating the essence and energy of nature directly into our homes and offices. Novacolor, an Italian company specialised in decorative coatings an plasters, turns our gaze to the centrality of the person with biophilic design.

The first step towards design that respects the relationship between people and nature is sustainable design, i.e. a design practice that aims to reconnect human nature and the natural world by incorporating people into their surroundings. The tools of biophilic design are the natural materials conveyed by those colours that we define as neutral but which are actually typical of our original habitat.

But using sustainable raw materials does not mean having to give up on quality. Today, new technologies not only enable aesthetic value and product durability, but also improve these qualities.
The connection with sustainability, a constant value in Novacolor's history, now finds visibility in the further acquisition of the Indoor Air Comfort Gold certificate for all the powder-form coatings of the Archi+ range, ‘Minerals’ lime-based finishes and the Novacolor primers.

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