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An interview with fashion consultant and designer Blanca Miró

Fashion consultant and designer Blanca Miró talks with Spanish lighting company Marset about her style, influenced by early inspiration at home and her love for blending colours, patterns, and eras. Her daily life is filled with creative endeavours, as she crafts spaces and ambiances through various projects. Blanca shares with them her seamless fusion of the Marset Fragile lamp with her artistic vision and distinctive style.

Blanca Miró, fashion designer and co-founder of the clothing brand La Veste and the sunglasses brand Delarge, collaborates with brands such as Marset with which she feel identified. She works with them in different ways, from creating content to helping them as a stylist or designing a special collection in a specific moment.

When asked what inspired her to become a designer she said: 'I’ve always been inspired at home; I had the best inspiration. My mother is an interior designer, and my father has always worked in the automobile industry so even if they were not in fashion they were also interested in aesthetics and so am I. Also, my grandmother had a great unique style, I remember checking all her looks every morning and feeling amazed. I used to play in my mother’s closet and steal all her clothes, shoes, and bags since I was a little girl. She was the one helping me and giving me the first styling tips.'

Miró's style has evolved throughout the years. 'I used to be very eclectic but within the years my style has changed and matured, nowadays I am a bit more relaxed. I still like to do all these crazy mixes but keep it elegant and real. I love to mix colours, patterns, and eras. I’ve always said I’m here to play with fashion and make it fun, so I created my own game', the designer says.

Her favourite piece from Marset? The Fragile Lamp. 'I think that light is a huge part of any aesthetic and I think most of the time people undervalue how powerful a good light can be. For me, having iconic light pieces like Fragile doesn’t only light the space, but it becomes an artistic piece. For me it’s exactly as the name says, Fragile. When I look at it, I feel delicate and the light it gives is beautiful and warm.'

Read the full interview here.

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