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Decodata launches webshop with millions of interior design products

Decodata is launching its new Product Selector. A webshop with millions of interior products from brands such as HAY, Tonone, Leolux, and many other interior brands. With the arrival of the new Product Selector, sellers can quickly and easily upload complete data sets, with images, into their webshop.

Decodata’s Product Selector is not a webshop where consumers can buy interior products. It’s a webshop where sellers can shop interior products. Users can select reliable and complete product-level information from different brands and add it to their webshop with a few clicks.

'Decodata’s Product Selector is really of a different caliber than previous innovations in the Home and living industry. Filling a webshop or other system in the interior design industry has never been easier', said founder Anne de Jongh, who has earned her spurs at major webshops in Home and Living.

Decodata’s Product Selector saves sellers time, energy, and money when filling and maintaining their webshop. 'Eleven months ago, we launched our first version of the Product Selector, renamed Bulk Selector. In this version, all data of HAY and other interior brands is accessible on the category level. In the new Product Selector, we have gone a step further and added, among other things, an image matcher and the ability to generate unique IDs', said Maarten Fremouw, product and tech lead.

Pre-generating a unique ID for a yet-to-be-sold and customized product was not possible until now. Also, linking images to unique products was still a complex process when filling a webshop. This will end with the launch of the technology developed by Decodata itself.

Legion of possibilities
According to Decodata, the Product Selector brings a legion of possibilities. For example, customers can populate multiple systems simultaneously and create quotations from a single system. Decodata says it is just getting started. Because of the launch of ChatGPT and the power of AI models, it is becoming increasingly clear how important reliable and complete data sets are. And that is exactly what Decodata is building: a central place where customers can find comprehensive information about interior products.

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