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Maison&Objet celebrates 30th anniversary with next fair: Tech Eden 2024

Maison&Objet Paris celebrates its 30th anniversary, and reveals next fair's theme: Tech Eden. Following on from Enjoy, Tech Eden focuses on the positive values of technology reconciled with nature. New feature areas with a sensory orientation have been designed to stimulate well-being.

'Can sustainability and protecting the planet really go hand-in-hand with innovation and design? The answer is a resounding yes, and this positive message will underpin the trade fair’s thirtieth birthday edition in January', the organisation mentions in their press release.

'The first two instalments attracted thirty million spectators worldwide, and the franchise is set to return with three exciting new episodes between 2025 and 2031. Film critics certainly had plenty to say when Avatar first hit the big screens back in 2009, with the cinematographic portrayal of a breathtaking, protected, idealised natural world encountering a world filled with futuristic technology undeniably touching a nerve, not just amongst film-lovers but amongst society as a whole.'

Natural connections
'According to a recent report, "ecology and technology significantly heighten optimism" amongst modern generations. The Perclers Paris agency sums that up in two little words, Tech Eden, a tiny phrase to illustrate a massive trend that is already filtering through into the objects and spaces around us. “Sensitive explorers” are the emerging advocates of this complementary interaction between nature, technology and design, which they consider to be a source of well-being. Immersive and virtual solutions may still be very much in the realms of experimentation, but a creative and eclectic design repertoire that resolutely embraces the natural world is gradually addressing modern-day expectations. The time has come to get to grips with a good-natured term: biophilia, AKA our deep-rooted love of living things. Within our homes, that presents itself in the form of real or virtual nature, which is permeating our interiors.'

Motionless journeys
'A veritable domestic Eden, the home is becoming a cocoon-like sanctuary that stimulates wellness through personal escape. Modular furnishings, such as Porus Studio’s seating with its retro-futuristic silhouettes, or relaxing connectivity, through solutions such as Pltris’ plants that wrap our computer screens in a warm embrace, are accompanying us on that emotional journey. Natural elements are becoming integral to every design, bringing a sense of sophistication to raw materials. Noma Editions’ Arca console table is a shining example of that. Organic silhouettes are infiltrating every room. These are all the more welcome when they are crafted from upcycled or recycled materials, as with Komut Studio’s armchairs and bench seats. Sustainability and eco-design are rapidly becoming absolute musts.'

Softening the space
'In retail environments, the main focus is on creating a frictionless experience. Interactive technology and projection may be making the overall shopping experience easier, but fixtures and fittings remain key to smoothing the initial contact with consumers. Soft and colourful leather tables, stools, boxes and objects have been adopted by Italian design house Giobagnara, whilst an intriguing selection of seductive materials have been developed from shells by Ostrea, resulting in increasingly sensory spaces that are filled with organic shapes.'

Static evasion
'Sensorial and spiritual invitation to get away from it all is sweeping through the hospitality sector, too, with venues becoming the ideal spot to relax, recharge and prioritize wellness. Whilst architectural design is resolutely bringing the outdoors in, the decor, activities and even the catering are inviting us to reconnect with ourselves. It’s easy to picture ourselves stepping off the astonishingly transparent and highly sculptural Ciclotte Teckell exercise bike to sit down and relax in​​​​​​​ Munna’s generously proportioned and refreshingly pink-hued meditation chair whilst sipping a thirst-quenching drink infused with natural marine collagen from ​​​​​​​Glowery. Wellness is there for the taking, bringing paradise ever-closer.'

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