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Improving the relationship between home environments and well-being

Our home environment significantly impacts our mental health. Research shows that it can even affect brain structure and function. Objects and furnishings within our homes symbolize more than just physical items; they embody our values and emotions, influencing our psyche and transforming our thoughts, behaviour, and relationships. Natural biologist and well-being specialist Daniel Lumera recently attended an event at Ikea in Milan to share valuable insights on how living spaces influence our mental well-being.

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In an interview with Designwanted, Lumera explained the connection between the objects in our home and our overall well-being. According to Lumera, our home evokes feelings. It is a place where we can define ourselves, a symbol of who we are and a reflection our individuality. This is why it's important to carefully choose the objects with which we furnish it. They reflect our values and ultimately our well-being.

Lumera recommends several essential items for creating enriching living spaces. Diffusers, in addition to their decorative appeal, purify the air and infuse fragrances, enhancing our overall well-being. Aromas can have therapeutic properties, fostering creativity, relaxation, and concentration. Ritualistic items, such as meditation mats, cushions, and serene artworks, contribute to a sense of contemplation, silence, and sacredness in the home. These elements help align our actions with core values and inspire kindness and generosity.

Indoor plants, preferably biennial or perennial varieties with bulbs, bring nature indoors and positively impact our well-being. Beyond their visual appeal, they reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue, improving our mood and overall health. Music amplifiers, thoughtfully placed throughout the home, enhance the auditory experience, creating an atmosphere of tranquillity and well-being.

Lumera also emphasizes the importance of a clutter-free environment, as clutter can strain our brains and lead to stress and negative emotions. However, organized spaces can promote virtuous behaviour, kindness, and generosity. In a cluttered environment, emotions like detachment, solitude, conflict, and anxiety can spill over into our external surroundings.

To improve well-being within homes, furniture brands can promote awareness of consumption, highlighting the profound link between our mental absorption and the objects that surround us, advocating for a purposeful selection process and conscious purchasing. Furniture brands can also create serene and quiet areas that serve as sanctuaries for mental rejuvenation, elevating the quality of rest, improving creativity and our overall well-being.

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