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Interior design trend predictions for 2024

As 2023 is quickly drawing to a close, the design world eagerly anticipates what's in store for 2024. Vogue Living has reached out to architects and designers globally to get their insights into the design trends for the coming year. Here's a sneak peek of what the world of design has in store for 2024.

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1. Multi-toned colour schemes
Single-hue rooms are making way for vibrant, multi-toned colour schemes. Designers are exploring purposeful colour combinations, mixing and matching different shades to create unique spaces. Expect a shift from intense colour saturation to softer and warmer colours in 2024. The era of sticking to either warm or cool tones is over; designers are now blending them dynamically.

2. Textures and natural elements
In 2024, designers are embracing a more organic use of texture, including timbers, ceramic glazes with imperfections, and hand-woven textiles. Expect a more prevalent use of natural elements.

3. Curves and angles
The wave of undulating curves, seen in furniture and sculptures over the past few years, will continue in 2024. However, these curves may take on new forms, such as archways, hallways, and shower entries. In addition to the rising popularity of fluid and organic shapes, designers expect more angular forms in furniture too.

4. Character and individuality
Design in 2024 will be marked by individuality and uniqueness. Homogeneous finishes and safe colour palettes, will give way to more personal and authentic designs. Clients are seeking individual, artisanal pieces and favouring vintage, flea-market finds, and heirlooms over mass-produced items.

5. Eco-friendly design
Environmental consciousness is growing among designers and clients, prompting a shift towards more environmentally friendly design choices. Sustainable materials and transparency in the production process will be key elements in 2024.

6. Unique floors
Floors will no longer play second fiddle in interior design; they'll be the star attraction. Clients are seeking out unique floors, like custom slabs of stone and marble, to elevate their interiors.

7. Individuality
In 2024, personalized design themes will dominate. Each space will reflect the client's unique tastes, lifestyle, and needs, resulting in one-of-a-kind interiors. Eclecticism and authenticity will reign as designers repurpose clients' pre-existing pieces to create spaces.

8. Italian inspiration
Nods to Italian design, both contemporary and traditional, will take the spotlight in 2024. Classic details from the past, such as tapestries, intricate marble details, and ceiling medallions, will be reinvented and incorporated into modern design. Expect Italian influences in everything from furniture to decor.

9. Hotel look
The desire to bring hotel-like luxury into residential spaces will continue to rise. Clients are looking for integrated lighting, bold wallpapers, and feature stone to enhance their homes. The trend will favour furniture that combines casual luxury with functionality.

10. Natural materials
Natural materials and finishes will remain a prominent choice in 2024. Clients and designers are gravitating towards graphic natural stones, marbles, and terracotta.

11. Defined spaces
The dominance of open-plan layouts is expected to shift in 2024, with more emphasis on creating defined spaces. Layouts tailored to specific needs and preferences will be a priority, encouraging flow and functionality. Clients are moving away from replicating past layouts and seeking internal plans that facilitate individuality.

12. Mixing metals
Metals, known for their versatility, will remain a significant element in 2024. Unlacquered brass, polished nickel, and warm metals with a lightly burnished finish are the metals of choice. Clients are embracing bold combinations of mixed metal finishes, creating classic yet contemporary designs.


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