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The inspiration behind The Vale London

Melinda Marquardt, founder of design company The Vale London, is an artist whose work captures the elegance and playfulness inspired by her worldly adventures. 'What most inspires my work is travelling. I am constantly amazed by the rich cultures, colours, patterns and textures around the globe', she shares in an interview with Business of Home.

The Vale London specializes in creating textiles and home goods that reflect the founder's travels and passion for fine art. 'Being a classically trained fine artist lends itself authentically and easily to textile and wallpaper design. Scale, patterns, repeats, textures and colour are all related—and textiles have the ability to convey emotions and stories.'

Many patterns are reflective of the interiors of London townhomes where Melinda grew up, evoking a sense of nostalgia and comfort, of storied traditions and nods to classic luxury. Each Vale collections’ namesake is an area of London explored by Melinda as a child or discovered as an adult.

While The Vale’s collections share a deep sense of home, many of the prints and patterns are inspired by global travels. A sense of wonder and curiosity is evident in each collection and offers viewers a glimpse of faraway lands and age-old artisanship. One is transported to the flora-filled jungles of Panama or a safari in Tanzania. The influence and blend of global, artisanal traditions is apparent within each collection. From Venetian marbling to West African mud painting, all art-forms are celebrated and serve as inspiration. The Lion Toile pattern from the Oakley collection for example was inspired by a lion Marquardt took a picture of on safari.

The latest Hyde collection presents ten meticulously crafted patterns that draw inspiration from various global influences. Among them are the hand-embroidered Chenini, reminiscent of Tunisian wedding shawls and the Moroccan souk-inspired Ziggy. Right now Marquardt is working on the collection for 2024, where she is experimenting with new techniques.

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