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The revolution of induction cooking

In recent years there has been a notable shift in kitchen design and equipment. While the grand ranges continue to captivate our perception of luxury kitchens, many esteemed restaurants have embraced induction cooking.

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Precision, speed, safety, cleanliness, and adaptability are the hallmarks of induction hobs, making them a compelling choice for professional chefs. The growing adoption of induction technology in upscale restaurants signals a shift away from traditional gas burners towards a new era of induction cooking. A substantial number of professional chefs has embraced this new way of cooking.

Portable induction hobs first gained prominence in the mid-2000s, with chef Grant Achatz standing out as an early adopter. Achatz's kitchen at his restaurant, Alinea in Chicago, showcased the untapped potential of induction hobs.They offer a level of flexibility and efficiency that their gas counterparts usually cannot match.

Induction technology operates through magnetic fields, generating heat directly within the cookware. Resulting in faster heating times, precise temperature control, and improved energy efficiency. In contrast to gas burners, induction hobs don't waste heat and cool down quickly. This revolution in technology will lead to an increasing prevalence of induction hobs in kitchen designs.

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